I do not know why this is happening to me!

Showed up to work and the sight of her made me itch and I wanted to just punch her in the face and send her flying!

I am gritting my teeth, tears almost falling down my cheeks from the anger.

I am no longer happy.

I no longer am.

I hope I can formulate a good resignation letter.

I’ll be leaving work early to talk to my mother about stuff and this. Yes. This problem.

I am just ranting now, really.

It’s funny. Just hours ago I was happily reading blogs and commenting to some of them and now I am hot with rage!

I do not know what to do with this. None of the Benedict Cumberbatch videos is helping me laugh, really.

Help! Please!

Throw me ice!

4 thoughts on “HELP! *HOT*

  1. *throws an iceberg* please catch it, lol.
    Seriously, though. Stay in a work/job/career that’d you’d be happy to go back to everyday. Everyone deserves to be happy and this includes you too.
    PS: getting angry is like allowing her live rent free in your head, don’t allow her.

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