They are CPAs Now

For those who passed the Oct 2016 CPA Board Exam and to those who passed that I knew.

They’ve shown passion and determination

And saw it through.

I can only imagine the joy.

Theirs, and those they owe their lives to.

I am proud to have known a few of them.

They are now a step ahead.

I will reach my goals like they did today

I’m not in a hurry.

I’m taking a different path.

But we all aim for happiness;

Ours, and those we owe our lives to

I hope that when I reach mine,

they’d say they are proud to have known me too.

4 thoughts on “They are CPAs Now

    1. Okoto! I just viewed my blog! Thank you so much for this! Rest assured the response is coming … I’m in a place where there is little to no reception; so… ;P Thank you once again! :p

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