Their Waiting Game

A strategy or course of action in which one or more parties refrain from direct action until circumstances change in their favor.

He loved her, I guess.

She loves him, I think.

The thing is, they like waiting.

She… is waiting for him to finish up all of his priorities (like she isn’t!).

He… lets her wait.

He goes out, in many occassions, for work and other matters. She waits, unbeknownst to where her lover is going, has gone, or will be off to.

She waits alone, her thoughts thankfully not wandering too far off the bat.

She is patient. She is kind. She does not judge. She accepted him, in ways not even his friends could have if they knew his every flaw. She loved him, by the book.

He loves her, she says.

‘He cares for me’, ‘He is always there when I need him’, ‘He doesn’t say it but I can feel it’, ‘He changed me’. The very last line, seemingly the sole testament as to why she cannot seem to let him go. Even after the last fight, she still wanted him. She still wanted him!

‘I prayed for him’, ‘When something is broken, fix it, do not leave it unattended’, she says.

That may be true, but fixing it requires waiting.

Fixing it requires patience. To fix it, you have to suffer. A LOT.

The last fight.

Shouting everywhere. Insults, hurled and darted towards the victim like an arrow hitting the golden eye. A punch was thrown. Pieces of the door still seen the next morning. And she has finally decided.

She is not leaving because he hurt her, no. She is leaving because she knew better than to tire herself from waiting. She, like everybody else in this world, got tired with the waiting game.

She grew tired of waiting for him to finish up on all of his priorities. She grew tired of waiting for him to come back home. She grew tired of the constant reminder that they were ‘them’ only when people were looking. She felt like she was dating a ghost; one whose presence is not physically felt. And it hurt. She was a very patient person. The amount of time she suffered all these… admirable. She was willing to suffer. In fact she did suffer. Her sufferings, she tries to hide with a cool air of nonchalance and desperate attempt at positive hipocrisy.

She excelled at the waiting game he crafted specifically for the both of them. Perhaps, she could have won if it weren’t for firm a decision at the opportune moment. Finally, the tables have turned towards her favor.

She waited. And now she’s leaving.

Because she realized; how long must one wait to call it waiting ?

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