This is actually a post from my previous wordpress site. Since I no longer plan on using it for many reasons I do not wish to explain, I share this, with y’all in the attempt to describe me at best.

ME, from the words of someone I hold very dearly in my heart.

M**—-*, or M*** for short, is a creature adept at using words and numbers to bend other creatures to its will. Its emotions are confusing most of the time. One minute, it could be talking about funny things and lines from its favorite book. The very next minute, it could start ranting about its slow workmate and disliked professor. Many have seen this creature angry but only a few have lived to tell the tale. Most people who encountered this creature would note the intelligence it has and how much information it gathers get stored in its brain. It is one of the smartest beings you would encounter in your lifetime.


It’s not the intelligence that really pulls people towards the creature. It is its ability to interact and socialize with other beings who have the same wavelength as it has. In other words, it is the ultimate nerd magnet. Also, once befriended, this creature, acts as your English teacher/ friend/ editor/ mother/ sister/ loader and many, many more. This, however, is only possible if you guarantee your utmost loyalty to it.

To sum it all up, M*** is the brightest, greatest and weirdest friend one could find in their lives. No amount of adjectives could describe her strengths or weaknesses. My advice to you? Find your M*** cause I’m sure you’ll never find any other like this one.

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