Thank you so much to these two very amazing people:

  1. Erica Yamashita and
  2. Purposive Writer

for having nominated me to the 3-day quote challenge. I am a breaker of rules and so, here is how I chose to do this.

3 days, 5 quotes each day from very different sources.

Let’s begin!

For today, I chose to pick five amazing quotes from five amazing bloggers I have had the great fortune to encounter and exchange thoughts with in my previous site. If you still have not checked out their blogs, I highly suggest that you do. I can assure you that theirs are blogs that will surely brighten up your day and liven up mundane things in your life. I will be linking each quote to their respective posts. Enjoy reading!

First one:

You don’t forget nights like that. Nights that engage your whole being.

This dude, writes very intelligently and his way with words will leave you to a mixture of emotions, literally. His poem, in response to the prompt elegance, is an amalgam of beautifully crafted words brought together.

Second one:

The hardest part about having curly hair is being satisfied with it.

This amazing bi-racial person, is someone I actually met through manvsloneliness’s posts. She commented something and referenced a film I like, Dead Poets Society, and also an author me and my mother loved, V.C. Andrews. The rest is then, history. Up to this day, I enjoy reading her blogs. I hope after this, you stop by hers, too.

Third one:

In my not too short life, I’ve observed that the rigidity, most of the time is counterproductive.

I absolutely adore this person! She has been (and I hope still is, hehe) one of the many people and also among the very first of my avid readers.Her responses always inspires me because she never fails to give me positive feedback – and right when I most need it too!

Fourth one:

Let me tell you a little secret: she hears every single word you say to her, very loud and clear, but she doesn’t listen to your criticisms.

Her blog is awesome! I enjoy reading her posts because the way she writes reminds me of my teacher. You can feel the words as you read through, and she really seems like a nice person in real life. Hah! I hope I am not rubbing myself too much on her. Hello, Fernanda!

Fifth one:

Or, you can look in the mirror,take a selfie and head out (I personally choose the second option).

She is a very funny girl. Her blog, mostly about fashion, but practically about anything in between, is a fun read. Trust me. Her humour and wit, no doubt inspired by her favorite authoress; Jane Austen.

There you have it. 5 quotes to mull over (lol) over the next few minutes and 5 blog posts from five amazing bloggers you will want to follow afterwards.

These, along with a lot of others, have stuck with me. I hope you find words from fellow bloggers that really stick with you, too. 

Until tomorrow, folks! See ya!

32 thoughts on “A SECOND ONE! IN ALL ASPECTS!

    1. A new one. I am still going to give my old account a proper send-off. I have had a lot of memories in it I want to cherish for a couple of days.
      I wanted to write without people constantly nagging me “what did you mean by your prev post?” or “who do you mean by that?” I realized to write freely, I must not publicize it too much.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha! Nope. It is not the questions that bother me, it’s the people who ask. You know, the kind you can never say no to. I feel I have to censor or tone down a lot of my writings because they have keen eyes. Haha. No worries, the memories are in my scrapbook. You, along with the others I have had the great fortune to meet, will always be remembered as my FIRST friends in the blogging community and in life. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww. What you write is yours? Whether you write what they’re comfortable with or not, humans would never be satisfied. You can’t please them all. Just do you.
        You’re responsible for what you write dear, not for what they understand.

        Liked by 1 person

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