ITP: The third response

Juxtaposition for where we are now is

Obvious enough for me.

How easily those years of seemingly

Never-ending friendship got

Lost in the abyss of distance and time.

Love, lost and never found again. What

Once was a great name to speak became my silent

Yell. To the very

Depths of the black hole our connection has sunk itself in.
What once was a very happy

Adventure, became a painful memory even

Snakes and wild things pitied me.
Over. It was over.

Not even a falter, not even a sorry,

Call or text, none. We were done.

Everything we were, was lost and I was broken. For the very first time, I was.
And I have changed, since then.
For now, I no longer label things. I no longer

Rely on others. I have become my own person. Stronger. Better. Bolder.

I no longer seek for the company of others and no longer bother labeling my ‘friends’. You have taught me that

End is friend. There is over in lover and ships will eventually sink.

No. I am no longer the bitter girl you left, six years ago. I am stronger. You were the only one I bothered calling “best” but

Don’t worry. I hold no grudge. Because of you I saw the world for what it truly is.

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