Monotony Tree

You are you
Not because you were born
On this land.
Not because your origin says so.
You are you
Because of the blood in your veins
Pumping through your chest left and right ventricle
You are you because you want to be someone who does not believe in the status quo
That you are someone who does not dwell in the past but learns from them
You are you because that very nature resides within you
You are you because you choose to be.
You are you because nothing else and no one else will be anything else for you
You and you alone have the answer to the question
You and you alone will be the key
That will open your lock
You are the key and you are the lock
You are spontaneous
You are versatile
You are what you want to be… just remember
That you do not need them for show and tell
You do not their echoes of approval or boos of failure
You will be hated
You will be loved
But no matter whatever, just remember
That you are not common
You are unique
And though all of us are unique
Therefore, it is a common trait
Know that you are not common
For common is a word to be used to those who do not matter
And you do matter.
Maybe not to those you see everyday
Not to that beggar you see on the street
Not to that grinning fool you see at the corner of your parking lot
But you do.
You do matter
To me.
You do and always will be
The light of someone’s darkness
The villain in someone else’s story
But you will forever be the protagonist in yours
So I say to you this,
Strive for consistency.
Consistency in excellence, progress, development.
Just be careful when you see an old tree
It will be inviting
Your innermost desires beside it, waving
Take a turn, a hundred and eighty degrees,
Take another path.
Beware of that menacing tree
That tree is a devil
That tree will make you sleep
Your brain cells… die and wither as you fall at the lonely pit of despair and insomnia and loneliness, all alone.
That tree, bears just one fruit,
Do not be tempted by it.
For you are uncommon, dear
You are unique
And unique people stay away from the


The tree of monotony.

22 thoughts on “Monotony Tree

      1. Yes it is hard because no society so far, nor parents nor teachers or friends taught us to look inside….. Remember last time we talked about Self teacher, here it is the Self is the best teacher when the Self turns to be the obedient student

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