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The Tenth Month: A Love Untold

The Tenth Month!

Is Rosary Month!

United Nations Month!

where students travel the world in style,

where sections draw lots for what ever

country they will represent

then each class presents their culture.

The month we all bow down our heads

to pray. As if we don’t

every single day.

The tenth month!

Autumn in every other part of world

except ours.

Leaves falling, red, yellow, orange.

Trees rustling and bustling about

Lovers, busy loving … too.

But here, in my country,

it’s the second month of Christmas

and the malls are livelier than ever!

Christmas shopper rushing about

It almost feels like it’s December!

a lot of things happen in the tenth

Scary films, Halloween, and more.

But I will always remember the tenth day

of the tenth.

Because it’s your birthday and yes,

I am sappy for having gotten here.

I can’t help it.

I miss you too much to not think about it.

The tenth of the tenth.

I hope you’d remember

the letter I gave you last year.

And how you cried reading every word.

But all that is history now.

I have moved on, I think.

You loved me, before.

You love her, now.


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