I Write To Soothe Them All

​Anger won’t solve the problem, I know. 

Anger is too much a problem

You can’t wash mud with mud

But it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the pain

It doesn’t mean I don’t get that tingle in my fingertips

the sudden urge to clasp those jaws shut

and close them up for good

but I am thankful for this 

test of patience 

every single day

I fail most of the time but

I don’t care.

Because I always win the battle.

Your words? Your spear? 

My ears are now soundproof

Your biting claws? Your gun?

My scarred body is now numb.

I always win the battles

Your words and biting claws are nothing

But remnants of a jagged truth 

I write about to ease the pain

I write about to ease the ache

I write about to soothe my anger away.


Author: M.Gin

I Choose To Write. I Write To Choose.

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