A friend’s written response

Dear friend,

Thank you for the thank you note. Thank you for the times we’ve shared. But no, I disagree.It’s not because we’re Filipinos, you see. Because even if I weren’t one, I’d still cherish every moment with you. Every time spent with you is worth more than gold. For ours is a love I will forever hold. Ours is a love I count the days. Every weeksary, monthsary, anniversary. The quirks we share, etched in my memory. And since you thanked me friend, I’ll thank you too. For all the advices, bits and pieces, the slaps of reality and truth, too. I… thank you friend, for letting me in. For making me your first mate – your co-captain. I… thank you friend for all the jokes you have said right when I most needed them. And for always keeping me rooted to the ground when I feel like floating. Thank you friend… for being my better half. Even more than my beloved, you are my true love. Thank you friend… for… just being there. The handkerchief to my tears and the pillow to my hugs. You are the light to my darkest of nights and the jester to cheer me up in all my gloomy days. And though you say you’ve thanked me enough, and I can honestly say I have too, I’d accept your invitation.

I know the ships is ready. I can see it clearly.

I will be there to man the wheel.

Because I know …

this won’t be our last adventure.


In response to this.


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