Sitting at this place

Trying to conjure up stories

But I then find out I’m stuck

And how my life has been so mundane and

drastically melancholic!

I do not know how to solve this problem

I have not had one until now

And as I make my message and look for recipients

I discover there’s only two or three…

including you…

You who left me for another

You who after having discarded me,

still called me that very December.

You who called me that Christmas night to talk

about … trivial stuff

You called me when the clock struck twelve and

the year has changed.

You… from afar.

I sit here at this dimly lit place

all alone and sipping tea.

Writing one more melody.

For YOU.

The one who left me for another girl

The one kept recordings of my I Love You’s

The one I have loved precisely a year and a half ago,

The one I can’t…

Until now…

Learn to let go.

Written alone while sipping tea, looking for company.


      1. Hey it is okay Respected beautiful Soul…… Maybe next time I am lucky to get cookies….. Lol till now on the journey I don’t really get what I really want but trust someday all will come to me…. Maybe Universe is busy fulfilling wishes of others and loves me most so knows I can wait more.. Hmmm I guess sometimes I forget that and get sad…

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