They are CPAs Now

For those who passed the Oct 2016 CPA Board Exam and to those who passed that I knew.

For those who passed the Oct 2016 CPA Board Exam and to those who passed that I knew.

They’ve shown passion and determination

And saw it through.

I can only imagine the joy.

Theirs, and those they owe their lives to.

I am proud to have known a few of them.

They are now a step ahead.

I will reach my goals like they did today

I’m not in a hurry.

I’m taking a different path.

But we all aim for happiness;

Ours, and those we owe our lives to

I hope that when I reach mine,

they’d say they are proud to have known me too.

Their Waiting Game

To fix it one must wait. To fix it one must suffer.

A strategy or course of action in which one or more parties refrain from direct action until circumstances change in their favor.

He loved her, I guess.

She loves him, I think.

The thing is, they like waiting.

She… is waiting for him to finish up all of his priorities (like she isn’t!).

He… lets her wait.

He goes out, in many occassions, for work and other matters. She waits, unbeknownst to where her lover is going, has gone, or will be off to.

She waits alone, her thoughts thankfully not wandering too far off the bat.

She is patient. She is kind. She does not judge. She accepted him, in ways not even his friends could have if they knew his every flaw. She loved him, by the book.

He loves her, she says.

‘He cares for me’, ‘He is always there when I need him’, ‘He doesn’t say it but I can feel it’, ‘He changed me’. The very last line, seemingly the sole testament as to why she cannot seem to let him go. Even after the last fight, she still wanted him. She still wanted him!

‘I prayed for him’, ‘When something is broken, fix it, do not leave it unattended’, she says.

That may be true, but fixing it requires waiting.

Fixing it requires patience. To fix it, you have to suffer. A LOT.

The last fight.

Shouting everywhere. Insults, hurled and darted towards the victim like an arrow hitting the golden eye. A punch was thrown. Pieces of the door still seen the next morning. And she has finally decided.

She is not leaving because he hurt her, no. She is leaving because she knew better than to tire herself from waiting. She, like everybody else in this world, got tired with the waiting game.

She grew tired of waiting for him to finish up on all of his priorities. She grew tired of waiting for him to come back home. She grew tired of the constant reminder that they were ‘them’ only when people were looking. She felt like she was dating a ghost; one whose presence is not physically felt. And it hurt. She was a very patient person. The amount of time she suffered all these… admirable. She was willing to suffer. In fact she did suffer. Her sufferings, she tries to hide with a cool air of nonchalance and desperate attempt at positive hipocrisy.

She excelled at the waiting game he crafted specifically for the both of them. Perhaps, she could have won if it weren’t for firm a decision at the opportune moment. Finally, the tables have turned towards her favor.

She waited. And now she’s leaving.

Because she realized; how long must one wait to call it waiting ?


He was there all alone and wondering why they drifted apart. And so he wrote.


I wrote this because I had to tell our story. I had to let it all out. We write to live in retrospect. And I write to relive my days with her. I write to relive every bit of the happiness, even if it means I have to relive the sadness too. I am writing this for you and the others. I am writing this to move on. I need this. I need to tell somebody. Even a stranger like you.

The screen was taunting him. The cursor blinking at him, daring him to write another word knowing it hurts; every word like knives stabbing his heart; every syllable a discomfort. His words – screaming at him. He was pouring his heart out and he couldn’t help it. He missed her. Badly.


To the clever girl, I met,  

I can never seem to forget you and your smile. You have been stuck in my mind for months now. How long has it been? 5 months? Or was it? I don’t know. All I know is that you have been a part of me since the day we met and your smile is something I can never forget.

This was how they met. He saw by the deck, gazing at the open sea and she looked like she wanted to be alone but still, he wanted to keep her company. You never know, right? And so he went to her direction and started a conversation.

“Are you waiting for the Titanic to miraculously reappear out of the depths of the ocean?”

He looked at him, then back at the horizon.

“On the contrary, I was looking for an iceberg. You never know, we might get hit anytime soon.”

He laughed. Wow! This girl is funny. She seems like a great conversationalist, he thought to himself.

“I’m Ken, by the way. Ken Adams.”

“Yes, I know who you are. I read your blogs. They’re nice.”

“You do? Amazing! It’s nice to know my work is appreciated.”

“Yeah, well. I do have issues on your point-of-views, though. Why do you always write in the third person? Why not use your own perspective?”

“Hmm…” He massages his chin, trying to gauge his answer correctly. “That’s too deep for a first conversation, don’t you think?” he finally asks.

She shrugged, not pushing for an answer.

Dead air and awkward silence starting to creep in, he blurted.

“Three things have been difficult to tame: the oceans, fools, and women. We may soon be able to the oceans; fools and women will take a little longer.”

“Spiro Agnew said that.”

“Yes. That he did; the 39th vice-president of The United States of America.”

“You know, not to sound so demeaning and at all but I do think you’re pushing it Mr. Adams.”

“Ken; he interrupts.”

“Ken,” she corrects. “You seem nice, and all. But I came here to enjoy the view and you’re becoming a nuisance.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Do you want me to leave?”

Hah! She chuckled. “You are a piece of work, Ken.”

And that was it; their first HELLO.

He still writes in the third person. But someday — maybe someday. If and when she comes back; he might change his point of view; if and when she does.


Nobody knows how the world works. Nobody understands how the universe conspires us to meet the people we’ll love or have connections with. It just happens.

You smile… and the story begins.


For you.

You once told me that guys need more smiles than girls do. I guess I see how it is, now. Well, for starters, guys are experts at hiding their true feelings. So whenever they are sad, they just tend to punch walls and stuff. I want to punch one right now. I want to see you so badly. You are like Mr. Gatsby’s green light. Wanting something so bad it hurts. I wish I’d see you again. I wanted to tell you my story’s about to be finished. Hope you’re well, wherever you are now.


I SAW YOU AGAIN TODAY. You went to my book signing event. I couldn’t believe it! You went and bought a book of mine! I asked you if you liked the book and you said yes.

And temporary bliss clouded my judgment.


His phone buzzed.

S: I had such a great time, tonight. Thank you for the treat.

H: Hey. Thanks for coming to my book signing event.

S: No problem. I promised I would remember?

H: Yes; that you did.

S: I saw the dedication by the way. Nice touch.


To the clever girl with the blue hat,

Until the day we meet again, I won’t be giving cupid’s arrow back.

Admiral Fujitora and the Moon King


I saw the film Kubo and the Two Strings tonight and as much as I want to stay with y’all and chat, my eyes are failing me.


The film was good. It was jam packed with both wit, wisdom and just the right amount of humor to not overshadow the seriousness of the theme of the story.

A film about finding one’s “story” and mainly about life, love, and adventure, I want to share one particular scene. I have two reasons. I f you were to ask me which I would prefer, sun or moon, I would without a doubt, choose the moon. Imagine the surprise when an unknowing gal finds out the villain of this film is the Moon King! Well, that seems a little too immature and so let us move on. The second reason is the scene itself. The dialogue brought me back to certain points in my life where I did feel the villain’s agony and his qualms on humanity. It also made me remember another character from another story I love reading.

Years ago, I also wanted to be like the Moon King; selfish. I, too, wanted to be blind from all the wars and famine humanity was seeing experiencing daily. I wanted, too, no part in the weakness they so called love and passion. But now, I know better. I know, now, after finally having met the right kind of people, that memories make us who we are and these are the only things we can carry with us. These are the things that can either make us weaker or stronger as the years go by.

In an anime, One Piece, one admiral, Admiral Fujitora,

Admiral Fujitora


purposely blinded himself so that he could not see his carnage. He has seen too many deaths and has done too many wrongs in life, or so e says. But he meets Luffy and he regretted his decision. Luffy’s honest and upfront way with life made him realize that life is not always about the negative things but also about the positive things, too. He regretted not being able to see the face of the opponent he found himself admiring.

This, of all the lessons Kubo and the Two Strings, had to offer is what I wanted to share. NO matter how hard your day, always remember that these “worse” things are always better felt, seen and experienced with our eyes open.

And though memories are not unique to anyone; as even the antagonists in our stories have theirs too, we have the choice to remember them the way we want them to.

I do not advocate too much lying here. In the film, the moon king got defeated by the hero and became mortal. The village people, in an attempt to change him, showered him with ‘false’ ideas of who he ‘was’. This is not what I mean when I tell you to remember things in a positive light. What I mean is that you must TRY to not always be so serious and just see life as it is. The magic in the story was not Kubo’s strings in his shamisen, but what they were made of.


And so, to end this rant, 5 quotes from the film. The fifth, an ironic one if you saw the film.

  1. Once you are inside, you might be tempted to complain about the odor. Please keep in mind that my sense of smell is 10 times strong than yours. –Monkey
  2. I have a question. If I’m Beetle and you’re Monkey, why isn’t he called Boy? – Beetle
  3. When we grow stronger the world grows more dangerous. – Monkey
  4. You are my quest. – Hanzo
  5. Give this story a happy ending. – Moon King

Film: Kubo and The Two Strings