Hey! Is it just me?

I post comments and they say, 


Then, this…


What the hell is wrong?

And I know it ain’t a pending one

because none came up

Tsk. Tired of reposting 

all my replies.

Is it just me? 

Should I kill my phone?


WordPress! Help! 

61 thoughts on “WORDPRESS! WHAT THE???

  1. I’m not sure what is going on. I see the same thing at times. It didn’t happened until I switched phones. It’s annoying, hope it get resolved. But, I don’t repost my comment, cause when I checked back, it’s there. Confusing.

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  2. The wordpress has a habit of creating problems for many…. Maybe it gets tired of beautiful sweet lovely people soon ☺ ☺
    For first two months my post would go to the spam box of the others, now whoever with whom I have had 35-40 messages (commented) they and I can’t send any, and hey the error message is the most recent…. Tried replying to your post of yesterday and it says reply posted and then shows error…

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    1. Whoooa. So many problems. T.T Yes. That is precisely my case, riggt now! Two fellow bloggers I have shared a lot of comments with before have not received my recent comments.

      You did? Did it appear?
      Hmmmm… This will get sorted. Soon. I hope.


          1. Thank you for the vibes, thank you for the feelings, thank you for meeting at frequencies so that I could smile again which I honestly missed for months now…. I am grateful to You from heart to Soul

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          2. You’re the one I should thank! I have had a very trying week and your words helped me get through and made me smile. The gratitude and the happiness goes both ways. Thanks. 😉

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