The C System

A pyramid that must be overturned

A triangle they set

on how the ants lift “their”

heavy butts of the ground.

Of how little those on top

give to those below.

The norm that those 

atop the pedestal are all

powerful, but what we

are really seeing is this:

the poor, striving

and the rich, sitting.

What we’re really looking at:

is people on society’s food chain.

Pawns, raising their “king” 

and knights doing everything they

can to keep their horses. 

Bishops fighting. Towers, falling. 

The queen? There is no queen!

She left! She went to the spa

and never went back. 

The C System is sickening.

A disgusting routine.

But unless someone like you cares

a whole awful lot,

nothing else would change.

Nope. Not one bit. 

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