It Goes Full Circle

I am thinking. I am sad.

I am sad. I am crying. 

I am crying. I am dying.

I am dying. I am dead.

17 thoughts on “It Goes Full Circle

  1. She gave me love
    She gave me hope
    She gave me dreams
    She showed me a beautiful World

    She took away love
    She gives me tears
    She blesses me with pain
    She shows me another world

    Which world is true, which world is real
    Both I have seen now
    The world first was great
    The world now seems to hurt
    Lost is the first world
    Second world I am in

    They say all is illusion
    Which world is illusion here
    The lovely World she created for me
    Or the world I am crying in now
    She is in both worlds nearby

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      1. Yes what comes back is what we have given…… Thus a circles is formed.
        Yes, she has to be both World and maybe a deep emotional study will show she is there in third world too, created due to her.

        She is past, thus past world… Sad world.
        She was future, thus future world… Beautiful World.

        Right now neither she is there but still her memories are, the third world……. We term it present world but hey ‘she’ is there.

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          1. Nothing on the Universe, nothing in our life is pointless I feel, I see and so far lived………. Every vibes we sent is taken from the Universe and all we do is add experience and send it back…… The ones with same frequencies catch, gather, hold and let go again….

            Everything anything as Law of Nature says happens for a reason….. The poem is the medium which makes two souls (you, me) to talk at certain frequency vibrations.

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          2. I agree! I never thought of it that way, poems made into mediums of conversations. I like how you call it frequency vibrations! Wow! The universe is weirdly amazing. Having me meet people like you who share my same wavelength. Haha.

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  2. Aah it is all about vibes at same frequencies levels only….. See when we see a face with smiles we smile in heart even when we are sad outside and vice versa…… With some we feel as if we know the other for years, some days and some life’s.

    The Universe is the most amazing mystery but we human when we see our being are mysterious of all….. A look inside us and we can see the whole Universe in us

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