Where The Third One Came From

​It came from the film, Becoming Jane. 

1: It is my considered opinion that irony is insult with a smiling face. 

2: No. No, irony is the bringing together of contradictory truths to make out of the contradiction of a new truth with a laugh or a smile, and I confess that a truth must come with one or the other, or I account it as false and a denial of the very nature of humanity itself. 

Jane Austen wrote books that depicted truth from her point of view. Extremely alien to the other side of the world, and lacking firsthand experience, she manages to write ‘accomplished’ literary pieces for her family. But then she meets a man and it changes everything. Theirs was a love story so ironic I could not help but laugh at its sad ending. Jane never married, you see. She lived only by her pen. And she was a lover of ironies, like me. That is why I wanted to share the quote with you all. 

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