​The third day has finally come.

I enjoyed the three days you guys where my quotes came from.

My first quote, from Antoine’s The Little Prince.

My second quote,

Team: The judge is God.

Coach: And why is he God? 

Team: Because he decides who wins or loses. Not my opponent.

Coach: Who is your opponent? 

Team: He does not exist.

Coach: Why does he not exist? 

Team: Because he is a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak. 

Coach: That’s right. Speak the truth. 

from the film directed by Denzel Washington entitled The Great Debaters. The film, also starring Denzel Washington as the coach, was a biographical drama of Mr. Melvin Tolson, a professor from Wiley College and his students of their Debate Team who battled not only institutions to prove their worth, but also the society. Their last debate, against Harvard, was the perfect ending for a film so inspiring.


Now, my third and final quote :

No. No, irony is the bringing together of contradictory truths to make out of the contradiction of a new truth with a laugh or a smile, and I confess that a truth must come with one or the other, or I account it as false and a denial of the very nature of humanity itself.

This is where I end.
Thanks, once more, LazyHaze  I hope I did not disappoint.


Onto the nominees:


    1. Nope. It isn’t mine. I do think it’s something I’d say. I remember laughing when I heard this line. And the scene was full of tension! Haha. You’ll find out soon enough from what movie it is. 🙂

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