P!ATD: There’s something scenic and tragic in the fall out.

FOB: Don’t panic, no not yet. I know I’m the one you want to forget!
Those two lines are from two different songs from two different bands.

Both lines are in reference to the “other” band.

I love these bands, literally. Not only because I am a huge fan of anything rock and alternative sound, but because their play on words always make me smile. It amazes me how they can make fun of the “other band” while also being true to the message of their song.

Panic! at the Disco’s Miss Jackson was about a girl who sleeps with a lot of guys.

Fall Out Boy’s Miss Missing You was about moving on, in a sense. The chorus is perfect. I miss missing you now and then.
And you say rock bands are just plain addicts who know how to carry a tune?

Take them seriously, dude. Try listening to one song and dissect the meaning of their songs.


2 thoughts on “P!ATD and FOB

  1. We have similar taste in music! I’ve always paid attention to the lyrics of my favourite bands. Actually, it’s always been all about the lyrics for me. Well, at least when my English got good enough for me to understand what the songs were about.

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