​Second Day for the Three-Day Quote Challenge!


I am astounded! Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the previous post! It was taken from the book The Little Prince by Antoine de-Saint Exupery uttered by the man (narrator) after saying a harsh comment on The Little Prince’s query as to why roses have thorns.

I did not know what to say to him. I felt awkward and blundering. I did not know how I could reach him, where I could overtake him and go on hand in hand with him once more. 

It is such a secret place, the land of tears. 

Second quote …. after these really unnecessary trivialities…

This one was taken from a film on a group of debaters in a small Texas town. This is the mantra their coach taught them and this is one for remembering.

Coach: Who is the judge?

Team: The judge is God.

Coach: And why is he God?

Team: Because he decides who wins or loses; not my opponent.

Coach: Who is your opponent?

Team: He does not exist.

Coach: Why does he not exist?

Team: Because he is a mere dissenting voice to the truth I speak.

Coach: That’s right. Speak the truth.

Sometimes, we forget that often, to win an argument, be it academic or not, one need not be great at convincing, but simply show the truth. This mantra is inspiring.

My opponent does not exist because he is nothing compared to the truth I speak.

Ain’t it lovely?
Thanks, again, LazyHaze. I am grateful for this awesome chance to share my ‘chocolates.’

Nominees: Once again, I would like to say that these nominations are out of curiosity, I would love to know what kinds of quotes they could come up with in the three-day period.

Check out their blogs. If you haven’t already. I promise you, you are in for a treat!

And do not forget to message me or comment if you know what film this quote came from!


The game continues…

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