Tired yet Happy

Another day for celebration

JPIA convention.

AN annual gathering.

Today, I joined essay writing

The theme was challenging

Turn the tides, the beginning

Awakening the greatness in every JPIAn, its ending

I wanted to write about something

But still fixated by last night’s prompt

I wrote about the same damn thing

How flash mobs can be inspiring!

The words had a different ring

but still carried the same meaning.

I feel glad that by the time you finish reading

you will be smiling!

Why? You might be asking…

Why simply because I accomplished this feat til the end and it’s still rhyming!

Auf Wiedersehen.

9 thoughts on “Tired yet Happy

    1. HAHAHAH! What a deduction! Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants.
      An organization for students taking up BS Accountancy or BS Accounting Technology in the Philippines.
      Every student taking up the said course, is by default, a member of the organization. Every year, it holds a convention: local, city-wide, regional, and national mid year conventions to showcase different talents of the students.

      Does that suffice? 🙂 I hope I did not bombard you with too much information. 🙂

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      1. Nope, that’s exactly what I needed to know! We have similar conferences for my family’s business (Rita’s Italian Ice, they should have opened recently in the Philippines too) and my work (travel agents party HARD). So how crazy do accountants get? Hahah.

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        1. I have not heard of it. Maybe it isn’t in our city? That seems nice. Italian Ice? (Can I joke about the name? No? Oh, okay. I get it. I will shut up.) Your work has things similar to ours? WOW! I thought they’re more like retreats and all that. I know my mom, just goes to those for the new places she will find and the food. THE FOOD! Hahaha. As to how crazy we go, that depends. We had a Halloween party, last year even though we do not celebrate it! Gahd! And our raves do not end! Literally! They do not end! Teenagers. Pft.

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          1. Looks like there are branches at UP Town Center in QC, Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, and Alabang Town Center in Alabang. You should check it out. A country as unbearably hot as the Philippines could use more cold treats. Wait, what’s the joke? Share!
            Well we have conferences where people who work in the same industry meet together. Give awards, pat each other on the back, share stories. It’s always at some big all-inclusive resort either in the Caribbean or Mexico and I avoid the parties and just go to the restaurants on my own. Hahah.
            We’re not teenagers anymore so no raves but a LOT of very drunk people.

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          2. Yep. Definitely not in my city! I figured. One day, I might just be able to be in one those places. HAHAHA!
            Should’ve gone like :
            Italian Ice?
            I didn’t know had nationality.
            Cue laughter.
            Oh, I see! Those kinds of stuff! They are always, always only fun when you have people you are comfortable with and/or a sociable dude so I can totally understand the detachment.
            Raves are…. uhm….. the cause of a LOT of drunk teenagers too? (Nervous laughter) Hahahaha. But yeah, that’s what it is in these things. Where it all goes down to. But really, we just want to de-stress from all the academic stuff. Don’t we all?

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          3. Yo you should totally try it. It’s so good. Especially the custard. So rich and creamy. Much better than froyo.
            That was so corny. Hahah. I love it though.
            Quite frankly I don’t know how anyone in the Philippines has any energy to party at all. It’s so hot I just melt and don’t even want to move. I have to JUMP from mall to mall because that’s the only place with air-conditioning.

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          4. It’s a good thing I just drank tea so your food references won’t make me hungry! HAHAHA. I know it was corny. And I know you love it. LoL. Well, that is an easy thing to answer! As much as we want to go to the malls and be in an air-conditioned place, we are content with just ‘talking’ to our neighbors about stuff (although not me, I hide in my room, reading). And besides, parties are what we’re known for!
            HAHA. WP should give you an award for the excessive use of yesterday’s prompt. That was a clever one, too! As for me, I am content with anywhere that has milk tea, for now. Milk tea, and books. Hahahaha.

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