Two sides of a coin, that’s what we are. I always thought we were. And I have not been really inspired by the daily prompts prior to this one.
Depending on what time zone you are in at this very moment you’re reading my blog, here it’s 7:30 in the evening and it’s the 21st day of September. Haha. Big deal.
It is for me. Only 4 days until someone’s birthday.  Someone I once called my best friend,  ‘Fat.’ Someone who taught me a hard lesson I am still trying my best to understand. That people, no matter how much history you have together, will leave you and discard you for no apparent reason. That even the best kinds of friendship end. And that labels are overrated. I was hurt then, and I still am because we shared so much together. Those silly  laughtrips, sweet moments, and afternoon phone calls were my bliss. But then he discarded me and said “get lost.” It’s all in the past, I know, but certain events in our lives make us remember. The universe has a very awful sense of humor at times, you know? And though now, I can proudly say I have friends that I know would not leave me as quickly as he did, I am not going to lie. If they ever do, it won’t be as painful as his. He was my only best friend. The only person, I, have ever labeled as one. And certainly the only one who knew me from the very beginning. My friends know me, for what I have become but he saw me grow and I saw him too. Often, I still wonder how he’s doing. I still ask myself why he did it. But only when I remember. I suppose I have to thank him, though. Because after all the hurt, I came out stronger. For a time, I might have been bitter not even a jar of honey can help. I was numbed by the pain of being left and I wanted nothing more than to be just that, numb.

But time healed me, and the universe helped. I found new friends. 32, to be exact. My high school classmates who knew me at my worst and have never tired at pointing out my wrongs and successes. Equally supportive and as protective as my blood-related relatives, they are my family. I like to think of them as my winnings in a lottery long overdue. My prized possessions.

I have been in bliss then, after he left me and have been since I met my high school friends, we shall call them Michifus. And now 8 years in, we are standing strong. Then I met VARK. I met VARK and I am once again reminded by the best friend who left me. Our story, was one for the charts. A lot like 500 Days of Summer, condensed in less than a year. The only difference is, unlike my best friend, I did not leave him. I did not, partly because I knew the feeling of being left behind. I know the feeling all too well and I do not want to leave him just because he found someone he loves (okay, now you know why my bestfriend left me). I have learned. I realized that:maybe what happened to us had to happen for him to be whole again.

I was broken, for the nth time in a row, but at least they were happy. He and Fat. VARK and Fat have been my other side of the coin. I was the light in their darkness and they were the darkness I once loved.
I have been reading responses to today’s daily prompt stating: What is in silence that makes people uncomfortable?

But I say this, there is a certain silence that makes you walk on air. Fat and VARK, taught me that.

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