Dying Through Words

Isn’t it just saddening?

how authors just conjure up really gory battle scenes 

but what the viewers really want

is for it to be immortalized 

on the big screen?


I like my battle grounds 

to not be limited to CGI 

and effects on films.

But, nonetheless, I 

am still fascinated

when the head gets chopped off 

and the amount of blood 

that pours out – legit, I say. 

Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

are a few of my all-time favorites 

in these.

I tried watching Final Destination

but Saw became my standard, 

so I did not patronize 

the FD franchise all that much. 

Now… On to the death 

within the pages.

Which would you prefer, 

a very long detail 

with blood and gore?

Or just something as simple 

as Shakespeare’s ‘he died’?

There are a lot of ways, if not a million, 

to show death.

And the greatest manipulators 

of which, are those 

who do these within the pages.

For they are not bound 

by limitations of technology 

and/or budget. 

All they have are their words.

And they kill will style.

I, someday, will be one of them.

The Stylish Killers.

5 thoughts on “Dying Through Words

    1. So true. The impact of ‘he died’, though was way, way, way, way, bigger than all the detailed ones for me. I think that the true power of an author when he/she kills his/her characters not only lies in the way they did it, but in how they manipulated their readers to ‘liking’ it.

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