Bagong leksyon

Originally published on September 1, 2016

Revised and Edited on September 21, 2016

Natutunan kong hindi sa pag-ibig nasasawi ang marami kundi sa kawalan ng pag-ibig.

Sabi nila, kung sino ang unang magmahal, ang siyang talo. Ngunit kahit kailan, di nila masabi-sabi na kung sino ang unang sumuko, ang mas higit pang talo. Dahil kung sino man ang unang bumitaw sa napakahigpit na kapit, ang unang nahuhulog.

I learnt that love is not the reason for failure, but the lack of it.

They say those who love first, loses. But they failed to mention that those who accept defeat first, loses the most.Because the fact of the matter is… if you let go first, you fall first.

Translated for my friends. Sorry it took longer than expected.

5 thoughts on “Bagong leksyon

  1. Oh my god my Tagalog is a lot worse than I thought…and this just affirmed it. Don’t blame me. It’s hard to get any exposure/practice when all my friends are either Chinese or Korean. This is such an interesting concept though. Maybe if I ever get better at Tagalog I could try to even form some coherent thoughts in it and write.

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