Ang hirap!

Originally published on September 1, 2016

Revised and Edited on September 21, 2016


Ang hirap palang turuan ang pusong umibig sa mali

Ang hirap palang itago ang lungkot sa isang ngiti

Ngunit bakit kaya hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ako mapakali?

Dahil ba manhid ka at tanggap ko na na ko ang sawi?

It’s hard. Teaching your heart to fall for what’s wrong

It’s hard. Masking your sorrows for laughter.

And yet up until now, I am still as restless

Is it because you’re insensitive and I have accepted my defeat?

These are all rough translations. I did not know translating poems would be so hard!

11 thoughts on “Ang hirap!

      1. Well…I wanted it to be broader. Hard to forget the things you love. Like, what I’m still trying to wrestle with, and haven’t quite yet had the guts to face, is if I miss my ex, or miss being in a relationship. There is a yearning and an emptiness that I am trying to beat, yes, but I am also trying to understand it. Know your enemy, right? So for now all I can say is…I miss…love. Loving. I miss the feeling of loving.

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        1. Hmmm… So it should have been “Mahirap kalimutan ang magmahal.” The Filipino language is a bit tricky sometimes. Even I get confused, too. Haha! But hey, thanks for the clarification.
          That’s a pitiful state, being numb. I do hope you get the feeling back.

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          1. It’s tricky because it’s so simple grammatically. There’s only a few structures so because of that there has to be certain words and phrases for everything because there’s no real flexibility. Oy. I need more practice. Hahah.

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          2. On the contrary, I think it’s too complicated. Haha! In English, “confused” means confused; there is no other term for it (other than its synonyms, that is) but in the Filipino language, especially in its various dialects, it COULD mean many things. It is not that there is a certain word for everything. It is that there are a lot of meanings for a certain word. I could go deeper and give examples but, meh, I think it might bore you. Haha! But hey, at least we got your phrase right and we understood what we both meant. So…. xD Kudos to your for learning the language!

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          3. You’re right. Not only do single words have so many meanings, sometimes the slight changes in pronunciation can change everything completely. I think Tagalog would be a very fun language to do a pun-y (HAH GET IT? PUNNY? Only works if you have a thick Filipino accent though…) poem in. Same words, same spellings, different pronunciations, different meanings.

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