Take a time to listen to these two versions if you would.

Cancer – My Chemical Romance

Cancer (Cover)  – Twenty One Pilots

This song is about a patient dying from cancer and it is told from his perspective. Evident in the lyrics, they describe symptoms shown by patients who have the disease. This song, originally performed and written by the band My Chemical Romance, was first released in 2006.

Now, ten years later, Twenty One Pilots recorded a version of it for a 2016 The Black Parade cover album.

I wrote this to exemplify the idea that ‘covers’ were meant to be the covering artist’s own interpretation of the song. That being said, this song, is a perfect example.

The words were the same, but the arrangement and the feel of the song was different for each of the bands who sang it.

The first version, My Chemical’s original version, had the “fight” in it. I say this that… they portrayed it in such a way that “the hardest part of this is leaving you” meant “I want to fight because I do not want to leave you”.

Whereas the second version, Twenty One Pilot’s version, the same exact line had the feel of “I fought and I know I will not win.”

Simply put, MCR’s version fought cancer, and TOP’s version accepted defeat.

Furthermore, I  liked how in MCR’s “the hardest part is leaving you” was the one shattering line but TOP approached the song in such a new manner, “I will not kiss you”…

Now, depending on which version you liked, it is not good to compare the two without fully understanding the message of the song and fully grasping the context underlying within these two beautiful arrangements.


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