A conversation between two shattered hearts.

Him: I loved you ,you  know.

Her: I did too. For a time.

Him: What happened to us? We grew apart.

Her: I was always there, beside you. Yet,  you were busy not noticing.

Him: I did notice you!

Her: No, you did not. Because if you did you would not have left.

Him: I left because I was no longer happy. I left because it felt the right thing to do at the time. I left because I was stupid. I left because I thought …

Her: Why?

Him: Even I do not know why.

Her: Now here we are, talking. After all this time. You know, I did realize something after you left.

Him: —

Her: We are all fragile creatures meant be broken.

Him: I am sorry. Truly.

Her: No. I am fine. I will get by. I know now that I must not be cautious.

Him: The brave do not live forever.

Her: Yes. But the cautious do not live at all.

Him: I broke you.

Her: You were meant to break me, sooner or later. We are all broken pieces looking for our perfect fit.

Him: I did this to you.

Her: You are forgiven. You will always be forgiven. I love you too much to ever feel anything else.

Him: But how can I ever forgive myself? I am just as fragile as you. I get hurt too.

Her: One day, you will find it in your heart to forgive yourself like I forgave you. One day these will all be remnants of our past. Maybe what happened to us had to happen for you to be whole again. I was broken, into even more tiny little shards of glass and burnt badly but at least you got your happy ending.

Him: One day we shall move on.

Her: But for now, my fragile heart must carry on.


But for now, my fragile heart must carry on.


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