Lie Number 5: I Have No Regrets

I have no regrets.
But the truth is I have plenty.

I regret saying stupid things to such kind persons in my life. I regret being where I am because of failed decisions. I regret not saying I love you enough to the ones who left me so early. I regret not being able to say sorry to those I could no longer talk to these days. I regret a lot of things.
But I do not regret my every stupid decision. I am happy I made them. They have led me to certain people I am proud to have met (like you) and they have taught me, the hard way, lessons in life far more valuable than those taught in books and in the classroom.
I do not regret all the wise decisions. I am proud to have thought on those. I am glad I have had the time, and courage to pursue them (like this blog). They have, in countless ways, showed me how far one can go if armed with the right amount of courage and determination.
I have things I can never take back and things I am glad I let go. But there are, among the many others in my attic full of ruins, things I wish I should have done sooner than I did. Now, as I sit and my mind wanders to the past, I regret not being as wise as I am now. It amazes me. The fact that every day it seems like nothing’s changed but now, I look back and everything is different.
I am liar. I told a lie I know would not be true, for a very long time.
I have no regrets.

Truth is, I have plenty.

But time and experience has taught me to let not those regrets bother me.

A time will come, when in my deathbed, my legacy will be that I have lived a life so full even my regrets will seem insignificant and ordinary.

4 thoughts on “Lie Number 5: I Have No Regrets

  1. A life of regrets is not a life to live. I’m glad that although you have regrets, you are able to see them as something that made you into who you are as a person.

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  2. whether you learn it the hard way or the easy way, the best thing is that you learned. what’s past is past and there’s nothing you can do to change it so it’s better to forget it and concentrate on the present

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