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Yo! This is my time to REVEL at MY awesomeness !

FINALLY… A daily prompt I can relate to.

My bosses are out of town! Whipee! No slacking, though.

They have tons of work lined up for yours truly. Pft.

SLOG is the motto until the first week of October.

So… ehem.

Today marks my first afternoon out of the office running errands. I half-expected to arrive at the workplace – them, already gone and went to the airport (or wherever) for their flight for tomorrow to Singapore. But as I arrived, I see they were still there! Hah! A big surprise.

Anyhow, I still waited for the tasks to be handed down to me and proceed doing the ones previously given. It was almost noon when they finally left and so I did, too. After lunch.

First Stop: Client

Second Stop: Bank

Third Stop: Somewhere else

Managed to  finish them all in under 4 hours. Yay! I need to give myself more than a pat on the back for this one. *tips hat* I managed a day (an afternoon, rather) without my boss constantly reminding me what to do and I did so without fail. Save for a document I failed to get from the client, I think it’s safe to say that this day is a day worth celebrating, don’t you think?

img_20160916_152848.jpgMy first day out.

Many will come. Hopefully not too many.

Until then I will be happy my bosses are out to sea, exploring a beautiful place called Maldives somewhere.

Finished the day with a favorite drink.

Not a bad day to start my 100-day countdown before Christmas.


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