The Solitary Man

I will tell you a story about the solitary man I met one night at the bar. Down to my third and last bottle of beer for the night, I proceeded to the exit when I saw him there in front of my car, standing and staring at the sky.

I made my way to him and coughed, signaling I was about to go in the vehicle. He didn’t move. I stood there, bewildered. Perplexed at what this man was doing. Faced with nothing better left to do, I positioned myself beside him, admiring the stars.

We chatted of the weather.

How incredibly cold it is in the middle of summer.

I did not know him, but he and I conversed. Very much like brothers and sisters. I asked him how his day had been and he told me he’s had such a boring one.

I can relate, I told him in reply.

Then the wind blew past and everything went still.

Time go to home and say goodbye.

I bid him well and waved a hand.

He smiled back, this solitary man.

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