AN AWARD? Really? Thanks!


My first blog award nomination!

Thank you so much to this very kind dude, manvsloneliness  for nominating me. I could go very much into detail into what his blog is but this is my time to gloat and brag so… I won’t. He won’t be offended. I know. He had his time to wallow over his nomination too!

Being new to this kind of scene (blogging and the virtual world of writing thoughts and actually being noticed, haha), one cannot even begin to imagine the joy of being nominated as a versatile blogger.

The Versatile Blogger Award, goes to those who display great quality of writing, unique subjects, and great passion for the art. As for me, a newbie, I hope it does mean that I am not only writing in a manner of expressing thoughts through words but that I manage to be able to relate to people in ways that go beyond the physicality of touch. This award means a lot, truly and I am thankful for the recognition. It means my chocolates are noticed. And apparently are worth eating.

This special recognition will always be honored in that I will continually try to improve my writing and bring out more chocolates to share to you all. I know I write ‘melancholy’ at times but that’s just how it is sometimes, so if you please… bear with me during those times.


  1. Show the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share seven (7) different facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate fifteen (15) blogs of your choice.
  5. Link your nominees.

Here they are:

7 FACTS about yours truly:

  1. One day I will be rich enough to start my own library/bookstore/café and I will stock them all with book for all ages. I often look at my books and get all excited when I imagine that I am going to build my own shop, someday.
  2. My love for chess started when I first watched the first Harry Potter film at the age of 6. I asked my father and my godfather to teach me and to this day, I enjoy a good game or two. Knight to E5! Pawn to C6! Haha.
  3. Over the span of two decades, I have only had (5) male crushes and they all know about it because I tell them. And we are all in good terms, yo! I guess you can say I choose my guys like I choose the books the read, the really intellectual ones. The kind that never leaves you no matter what. LoL.
  4. I am an upfront person, usually, and a tad sarcastic at times (okay, often) especially to those I spend most of my time with. I laugh a little too loudly at times, too. I do not know why, though. Anyway, I say what I mean. And mean what I say; you can count on that.
  5. I am the literary editor in our school’s publication and I am graduating by next semester so I will miss the feeling of getting to see my fellow schoolmates and they would be like, “Hey, aren’t you the girl who wrote that story about … ?” and then I would be like, “Yes. You read it? Thanks!” and the joy comes when they say, “Why did you kill the girl? Why?” I’d be laughing like crazy.
  6. I am the eldest daughter and the eldest granddaughter in my father’s side of the family and I AM ALSO THE SHORTEST. This means that if my cousins and I go out somewhere, and they call me Ate (Big Sister), they’d be looking down on me. LITERALLY! I do not particularly hate this attribute. Being short has its own advantages too! My younger cousins don’t seem to mind, I do not mind. So do not mind it too! I am barely five (5) feet tall! Don’t laugh! I am short but I run fast and my mouth runs even faster! *sticks out tongue*
  7. I am an ambivert. I never tire from talking but I also love to have solemn times, too. But if I were to choose one over the other, I would prefer being alone with my thoughts with a pen and notebook in hand – sitting by the shore and watching the sun set on the horizon.

DRUMROLL please! As I announce who the nominees are …

I’d have nominated manvsloneliness again if it is possible, this award is largely because of him. Check out his blog, y’all!

Theirs too!

It’s okay to nominate someone again, right? I didn’t know if these dudes and dudettes were nominated before… so, guys, if you are, SORRY! No harm done! 😉

  1. Deniz Yalim
  2. Philessatry
  3. Ramona Crisstea
  4. Best poetry blog in the cosmos
  5. Simply.Fernanda
  6. The darkest fairytale
  7. Sableyes
  8. Kristen Twardowski
  10. Sabiscuit’s Catalog
  11. Poetrydiv/ded
  12. But Why?
  13. Idealizeblog
  14. I wrote a book. Now what?
  15. A Pinch of Chaos, A Dash of Afro

25 thoughts on “AN AWARD? Really? Thanks!

  1. Hey specializes, Congratulations for the award, you deserve it really. It’s a great encouragement and such a great achievement when others recognise your worth.
    Thanks for your nomination but it leaves me skeptical ’cause I wonder if it ain’t because I’m your bestie that you nominated me 😉 haha And only the 13th place, really?! Haha
    Anyways, well done and please do carry on. Take good care too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it definitely inspired to write and post more often.
      Huh? I didn’t know it had to be ranked. They’re in chronological order. Haha!
      I knew it! I should not have put the numbers! Haha. Now I have a new topic to write about! Thanks for the idea! I get them all from my followers, really. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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