FACT: You hurt him.

LIE: He hurt me too.

FACT: He told you he wasn’t playing games.

LIE: We didn’t talk about ‘us’ often.

FACT: You are cowards.

LIE: No, we’re not.


FACT: You built the wall.

LIE: I didn’t know there was one!

FACT: He found someone.

LIE: She’s a lot like me.

FACT: He loves her.


LIE: Then why does he keep calling me?

FACT: You answer his calls.

LIE: Because he wants to talk.

FACT: He’s playing you.

LIE: We both just can’t let go.

FACT: He has someone.

LIE: Someone who hurts him.

FACT: You are never there for him, physically.

LIE: He knows I’d jump at the chance of being with him.

FACT: You called him first.

LIE: He talked first.


FACT: He calls you now.

LIE: To talk about nonsensical stuff, like always.

FACT: You know him so well.

LIE: I don’t. He is MY puzzle.

FACT: He enjoys your company.

LIE: Only because I am an option.

FACT: He records your every call.

LIE: I do not know he does. I don’t.

FACT: He loves replaying the part you say, “I love you.”

LIE: Because he is MY narcissistic idiot.

FACT: He told you this,one night, and now you’re confused.

LIE: I have moved on.

FACT: You are hurt.

LIE: I can still smile.

FACT: You are crying.

LIE: I can still smile.


FACT: He discarded you.

LIE: …

FACT: You STILL love him.

LIE: I don’t know. I am not sure anymore.


An intimate one. For now.
Disclaimer: .gifs aren’t mine (credits go to the sites)

Lie No. 1: I am happy

Lie No. 2: I am good

Lie No. 3:

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