The lie I want answered

Author’s note: As mentioned, I made an article, before, after reading the newspaper article. This may be a prelude to the lies I will shed and bare to you.

So, here goes…

People would start something with a lie and how, with the passage of time, this lie becomes a fact and would be accepted as true.
-Riain Alfonso

A lie, for example, is a certain lass thinking she can be a good actress just because he mom is an actress her dad’s a ‘has been.’ Ms. Bad Acting then makes a crappy romance film. She then wins an award. People now think she is a good actress. She may even think she is a good actress. The lie is now an accepted truth?

In this time and age, everyone lies. I will rephrase the statement. Everyone lies about something. We lie about our age, when asked to seem younger. We lie about our grades in college and high school when asked by fellow colleagues just to seem smarter than we are. We lie about liking a certain artist because not liking them will mean that we might get bashed by certain people. The point is – everyone lies.
White lies. Little ones. Big ones. We lie to people we do not know, we lie to our family, our friends and even to ourselves. We would keep on repeating a particular lie and end up believing it for truth.

According to the author, there is however, this one lie that really matters.
This one lie controls us. This lie dictates our whole being, how we should be and how we must present ourselves to the world. That is the lie that would start everything and that is the lie he wanted answered.

His friends were all stumped to one lie, only, though.
So could it be that every single person on earth shared that same big lie?


But then as the author further reflected upon himself, he realized that his ‘lie’ was different.
He was so caught up in the idea of being unprepared to see himself in the mirror; so caught up in not being able to look himself in the eye that he realized his ‘lie’ was this: I am sure of myself and I am proud of who I am no matter what.

Now, as I lie in bed and think about the question and type these words on my phone, I think about mine. I have lied to many times and thinking of the one big lie that would relate to my whole being was very hard. It was harder than I thought.

Faced with nothing to left to do but ponder, I listed questions.

Am I happy?
Am I living the life I want?
Do I know myself?
Am I a good person?
Am I a bad one?
Am I a good child? daughter? friend?
Am I contented?

Am I?
I crave for adventure.
I always want to escape reality.
I want to be somewhere else.
I am materialistic.
I am always in thought.
I change my mood faster than the seasons do.

I am content.

The next time I see myself in the mirror, I will ask myself this.

Maybe someday soon, it will be my accepted truth.

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