The very common lie most of us tell ourselves every single day.

What is happiness, really?

My first definition: EARLY YEARS (ELEMENTARY)
I grew up in a community of thinkers. My mother, being a teacher, and a great one at that, used to teach Arts and Humanities, and as a child, I would often go to her classes; listening eagerly at her every discussion. I would sit at the back and listen to her talk about the psychology of man, symbolisms in life and other though provoking matters. After watching a film, she would then ask me the moral of the story and this would later on lead to me having a thing for movies and books and that have great impact to the viewer and not hugely based on its popularity to the market. My family and I would almost always go to the movies and have a lot of time to spend with each other, and we were happy.
Happiness is being with the people who love you and those you love.


The film the Pursuit of Happyness greatly showed me that happiness is not something you chase. You feel it. Happiness is not something you pursue like a career you want so badly or a project you want accomplished. And more often than not, you feel it when after accomplishing something. Happiness, therefore, is an end result. It is the end game. But is nothing but a feeling.


My third definition: HIGH SCHOOL YEARS

1: How are you today?
2: I am happy.
1: Why?
2: I do not know.
There are these moments in life.
True happiness is immeasurable. An intangible feeling you cannot weigh. It may be small, insignificant to others but to the bearer it might mean the whole world. Happiness is a feeling only the bearer can define.


My fourth definition
As I grew older, (and wiser?), I came to realize that happiness is not laughter. It is not a smile or a laugh. Happiness is not evidenced by the amount of jokes you can share or the amount of joyful experiences you can share. Happiness is so much more than that.

To this day, I cannot say that I am happy.
I am comfortable. But I am not happy.
This is such a depressing thought.
I am a sad person living a happy life.

Happiness is a feeling only the bearer can define.
You do not chase it.
You feel it.

I have learned, over time, that other people’s perspective of happiness is subjective.
1: Really? She seemed like she was having a good time! What with all the smiles and the beautiful posts she has on her social media account?

No, not necessarily.

1: Really? She told she was happy being just second best.

No, not necessarily.

1: Really? She said she’s happy with her current status in life.

No, not necessarily.

If everything starts with a lie, what’s mine?
I am happy. Tonight, am I?

Lie No. 1: I am happy

9 thoughts on “LIE NUMBER 1: I AM HAPPY

  1. Happiness and contentedness are not one and the same in my book. It is possible to have and enjoy the former without the latter. What motivates us to challenge ourselves and to keep moving forward is the sense that we can eventually achieve our goals.

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