If and When

​If is good. If is okay.

But is not enough.

Not like when.

17 thoughts on “If and When

      1. I know good writing when I sees it. I was just really happy to read your writing. Good prose is like watching a title bout between two champions. It’s a song and dance. But good poetry is just that….BAM. One-two punch. Knockout. It hits you like a whirlwind and the best part is that dizzy feeling you feel afterwards. Your writing makes me dizzy. Hahah.

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        1. You are awesome! You are awesome! Your very way of describing my writing is awesome! I can go all night just singing praise to you. Haha! If it’s worth a shot, I look forward to your writings too. They don’t make me dizzy, though. Haha! I am forever grateful to you and your words. Screen capture! Print. Paste on my wall. WHEW!

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          1. HAHA! LoL. The laughter is coming. Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait. Hahahahaha!
            Tbh, really. Thanks. I don’t think I have had such high praise so far.

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