20 LIES I tell myself


I came across a blog that had these questions. I wanted to do the same but as I sat down in front of my laptop and pondered, I decided otherwise.

This is a litte late but I have an explanation.

I didn’t feel like answering any of these questions.

And because I have been feeling a bit down over the last few days, this question stuck: “Why can’t people live without deception?”

blog I have been following recently published a post on positivity and negativity and it made me remember a reflective article I made on the question, “If everything starts with a lie, what’s mine?”

I plan on posting that very article too, soon. I hope.

So from this day, and the 19 days after, I will tell you 20 lies I tell myself.

For a time, I was a pessimist. And perhaps, at times, I still am.

And though I tell my friends that I am fine, that I am not bothered by the judgments others say about me, I know I am not. I am a very transparent person. But I can be very secretive if I want to be, too.

Recent events in my life have tested my newfound positivity and worry-free attitude so I am doing this in hopes of being able to let go of the pride and ego that has long mocked me.

This is to finally say to myself that I have changed.

For the longest time, I had words to comfort me and I know this time they will not, too. I hope that you, my reader, will also reflect as I delve into my deepest thoughts and share intimate details about my life. The lies I tell myself may become reality after a time and some may not, but as previously mentioned, this chronicle is one for my own greater satisfaction.

Welcome to my world full of lies.

18 thoughts on “20 LIES I tell myself

    1. Yes. That is why I would not answer them. HAHA! I do not feel like sharing them yet. I might, though. Some time.
      And I have been always the irony-lover; hence my posts on my ‘lies.’
      Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. haha You seem very interesting anyways so it’s a great pleasure meeting you. I like commenting and I do that quite often though my ideal readers don’t comment much, I think they’re shy 😉 Anyways no offense taken aganst them haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha! Thank you for the compliment! You are, too. It’s always to have people comment to my posts.
          Haha. Trust me when I tell you my shy genes are dormant. LoL.

          Liked by 1 person

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