What is essential

There are things in life you learn from the experience of others. You learn from your friend’s heartache. You learn from your enemy’s jealousy. You learn from your neighbor’s covetousness. And yet, there are also things you learn the hard way, your own way – experience.

You learn from your first break-up. You learn from your disappointments. You learn from your failures. There are things in life that teach you to be humble. There are those that teach you to be tough. These things you learn, one way or the other, because you are a child – curious and full of wonder. You wish to explore everything worth exploring. Your wanderlust is your weapon to wield. But sad to say, these lessons you learn from people and on your own, are nothing once you’re consumed with emotions and forget to apply its lessons. Experience is a great teacher for there is no other way to learn and get hurt at the same time. But not all experiences are worth doing and worth remembering. Experience is a great teacher, yes. Some experiences teach us valuable lessons in life, and some may not. Some teach us to be whole again, but more often than not, our experiences, break us. Yes, experience is the most valuable teacher. But it was never said to be – and never will be a broken person’s healer.

Daily Prompt: Eyes

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