The Numbered Days

Here is a line from the movie “500 Days of Summer”.

Summer: No, I mean it. You were right. It just wasn’t me you were right about.

I never did get why a friend did not like it. I on the other hand, liked it very much. I still do. I think, for me, it showed the kind of reality I wanted in a movie on how two people meet and then separate ways. That sometimes, we just have to take things into perspective. We have to learn from it and eventually learn to move on from the ache and suffering.

Sometimes, in life, we meet someone we think is the perfect person for us but then as time progresses and life gets in the way (like it always does), we realize that maybe better things lie ahead. This is the beauty of it all. Not knowing which would last longer, makes you want to cherish every moment with every person you love and hold so dearly. Not knowing whether they would still love you tomorrow, you fight, go through life, and beat odds just to prove your feelings are real. You may even be unaware that you are already doing things you thought you never could do. You find yourself asking the very same questions your friends asked you before — only this time, you don’t have the answers.
Or maybe you do have the answers but you refuse to accept them.

Another reason I liked the movie was that I could very much relate to it (except the sex part). It showed how two people, from being total strangers, became friends, became more than friends, and then just as easily, turned back to being strangers once again. Life is what you make of it, really. You could lie and wait for love to come. Hope for it. But you should not put your life on hold looking for it. And that being more than friends does not necessarily mean that you two are in an intimate relationship. I made it a point in my life (after a certain incident) to never label my relationships with people. I would never get around to calling someone my close friend, or best friend, or acquaintance, or frenemy. I get the point of labeling things and knowing where you stand but I also know for a fact that no matter what label you put, and that no matter how much trust you put into people, they will always leave you. They will always, in many little ways you could possibly never imagine, break you. Because people are fragile creatures, are we are all broken. This brokenness is what makes us human. The very thought of being incomplete drives to find someone who will complete us. The other broken piece that could make us whole again. That, for me is true love. And I think that that is why I liked the movie very much. Because in the end, even after Summer repeatedly broke Tom’s heart, he still hoped. He still hoped that one day, he’d find his missing piece. The hole inside his chest would one day be filled and he will be happy. Nothing else would matter. He will occasionally find the wrong people, and may find out too late, that the one he was searching for was nearby but that is not a problem. After all, destiny is the bridge we build to the ones we love, right?

The movie ends:

Most days of the year are remarkable. They begin and they end with no lasting memories made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life.

If Tom had learned anything, it was that you can’t describe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event. Coincidence, that is all anything ever is. Nothing more than coincidence. Tom had finally learned. There are no miracles. There’s no such thing as fate. Nothing is meant to be. He knew. He was sure of it now. Tom was …. He was pretty sure.


And just like Tom, I too found my Summer. And as I embark on my journey of moving on, I’d always remember this movie. I will forever remember these lines and I will always hope. Because that is the beauty of life and love. It is temporary. And it is not sought.

It comes.

And it goes.

FILM: 500 Days of Summer

10 thoughts on “The Numbered Days

  1. Oh man this is one of my most favorite movies of all time! Aaaah. I love this movie! And more than watching it, I love TALKING about it. Analyzing it! When I first saw it I felt bad for Tom and I villainized Summer. Then I realized that I was projecting my own frustrations and expectations on him as much as he was on Summer and then it was like a lightbulb clicked and everything became 500 times brighter and clearer. It’s all about expectations and honesty and especially playing, quite brilliantly, on our own expectations not just of romance but of the romantic genre. Yaah I’m so happy reading this. Hahah.

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    1. Wow! Yes, most of my friends did have that kind of thought too when they first watched it. It’s good that you realized it after as most of my friends still do not get it (idk why, really). As for me, the first watch and the succeeding ones made me like the film even more. What really got me was the first part of the film, though. And the way the story was told made me like it even more. I am not a fan of conventional love stories, you see. And I immediately saw myself in the characters. I think it is why I liked it. I saw “my” reality and “reality” in the film. And I saw my own thoughts being acted out. I may have said too much.
      K. Done.

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      1. Hahah. Nah say as much as you want. Just remember, ‘this is not a love story’. And it’s not. 500 Days is not a love story but it’s a wonderful critique of them! I think that it was able to suck me in and manipulate my expectations and hopes was a testament to how easily swayed we are despite evidence to the contrary. We’re weak and we’re optimistic and often times we are willfully blind to what’s in front of us. It is not a love story but it plays like one and acts like one so we really really REALLY hope it is but it’s been honest with us the entire time so we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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        1. Yes! The very truth of it all was given right from the start.
          This is a story of boy meets girl but you should know up front ‘this is not a love story’. It is not! When I first watched it, I did not know whether to applaud them for the beautifully written script or to be angry at them for being true to their word! Haha.
          The film’s tone and Tom’s character really spoke me in so many ways.

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          1. Just saw the trailer! Scarlett Johansson! I will watch tonight! The latest film i saw of him was “The walk” and I loved it. Not a love story, though. HAHA!

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          2. It was really good. Saw it in theatres and didn’t realize what its true aim was in the trailers until I was actually watching the film. Definitely a nice surprise.
            The Walk was fun to watch in IMAX 3D because I loved seeing those with weak stomachs and fear of heights getting nauseous and scared. Their discomfort pleased me.


          3. SADISTA! Hha! And before your thoughts go elsewhere, that is a Filipino expression!” I will really watch it later! I am excited already!

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          4. I’m pretty sure calling someone a sadist, which I admittedly partly am, in any language is universal. Hahah. Not strictly a Filipino thing but still applicable to this particular Filipino. If you do watch it I hope to hear your thoughts!

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