Introducing VARK


Who is VARK? You might ask?

Oh, VARK’s noone special. Just someone who can make you laugh when he knows you need it. He writes really cool stories but I do believe his grasp of reality is still far too idealistic. Not that there’s anything wrong with being idealistic, though. One good point he has, other than his humor of course, is his ability to make you fit in. He is a misfit. Like everybody else but he’s not one to leave you behind. Believe me when I tell you he knows how it feels. He is not one to talk about ‘philosophical’ matters but he isn’t ignorant of it, either. He’d seem quirky at times, but the devil does come at certain points in time. Funny, witty and curly. That’s who he is in a nutshell but like they say, there will always be more than what meets the eye. He hides behind his smiles and his laughter wanting to save his friends from his misery. What he fails to understand is that those who truly care see behind the facade. He is immature. He is narcissism, redefined. And he is MY clown. That last part’s the only part that counts. Trust me. Really. That’s it.

VARK is a verb. VARK is an adjective. The kind of person you pride yourself in knowing. You take pride that you have met a person as kind, as poignant, and as weird as a VARK. A VARK is what you need when you are happy and sad and both, at the same time. He is the perfect listener, because he never listens! He is the perfect adviser because he never gives them. He is the perfect friend because that’s just who he is. And even though at times, he’d feel self-pity, he knows someone out there will comfort him, and he would try his best to smile. He would smile, not for himself but for his friend. His heart, as genuine and as pure as snow. If he wants it to be. An VARK is a person you feel lucky in having because he’s loyal. A bit selfish, okay maybe a lot, but he’s there. Not always felt but there. The rare kind. That’s what he is. He is a pretentious idiot. And a tad pitiful at times, too. But he’s an idiot not hard to fall for, I suppose.

As told by his friend.

He is my clown, and that is it.

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