A tribute to writing and why I write about ‘reality’

I used to think writing ‘good’ stories was easy. You just have to start with ‘Once upon a time’… write everything from a lovely princess to a talking frog to cute dragons and prince charmings that save the day, and end the story with the much overused ‘And they lived happily ever after…’
I’ve been writing literary folios like poems and short stories for as long as I can remember, (first grade or second grade, I guess?) The very first poem I can remember I wrote is entitled ‘A Generation.’

I have always been an avid reader too. But I do not think I have always been inspired to write stories until third grade though. Not until my mom bought me a copy of the very first novel I read, “The Little Prince” by Antoine de-Saint Exupery. And though the story was presented allegorically and used a lot of symbols, something about the book inspired me. At a very young age, I was inspired to think creatively and present my thoughts in an extraordinary and unique manner.

Also, it has inspired me to always write about reality. But reality is not always pleasant. I have take a stab at writing romance stories recently, and this is never out of my theme.

Happiness does not exist in my stories, happiness does. My endings are never conclusive.


Because reality is of many forms; and like everything else on earth, it is malleable.

So you see, reality should be shown in everything we write.

A common reality I often use in death. Death is real. It will come to all. Rich. Poor. Beautiful. Handsome. Ugly. Valar Morghulis. However, hope is real too. And that is what makes the story interesting. That amidst death, heartache and pain, hope will survive and someone will endure.

And that is why stories have no definite ending. The reader gets to choose which reality he/she wants for the survivor.


2 thoughts on “A tribute to writing and why I write about ‘reality’

  1. I think writing stories serves a dual purpose; one for the writer and one for the reader. The writer, writing what she knows, is in the act simultaneously remembering, reflecting, and revising the lessons and morals of her life. The reader, having no prior experience, is learning and absorbing and supplementing their own lack of understanding with the lesson learned from the reading until they can experience it for themselves. So you write what you know. You write what you feel because it’s so vivid and you have so much to say. And you hope it finds the right audience who needs to learn what you have before they go off on their own. I prefer your honest writing over any fairy tale, for sure.

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