When I was in high school, a friend recommended we watch the film entitled 3 Idiots. After the hype on The Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood films kinda became a thing for us in our classroom. And so, faced with nothing better to do, I watched it alone on a very mundane Saturday afternoon at the rooftop of the house we were living in at the time.
Little did I know that I would be in for an emotional ride. Both emotionally stimulating, and relatable for a fourteen-year old at the time.

Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chancadd, better known in the film as Rancho, is the very epitome of the perfect student.
Farhan Quereshi, the spitting image of those whose lives are laid out in front of them even before they even have a chance of exploring the world for what it truly is.
And Raju Rastogi, I’d dare say the average type of student. Full of passion, and yet, full of fear at the same time.

I watched it alone, thinking I wanted to be able to savor the moment reading the subtitles. But boy was I wrong! Not even halfway through the film, I saw myself in the trio. I was able to imagine myself in their shoes quite quickly and was able to relate to them head on.

I am the type of viewer who remembers interesting lines, especially from the ones that really strike me, and this one made an entire notebook!

Farhan’s views and analysis on Rancho’s behavior and his narration somehow resonated within me because in my own circle of friends, I do too; take of note of every minute thing. Be it a smile, or a silent moment once in a while.

Raju’s life story is heartbreaking at times, but one can never deny that he is lucky. HE HAS FOUND A RANCHO in his life that would go to immeasurable lengths just to save his friend’s father (and yes, I do mean the scooter scene!) and he is lucky to have found someone who WOULD DRIVE AROUND TOWN IN FRONT OF AN AMBULANCE just to ensure his friend (who has just committed suicide) gets to the hospital on time.

Rancho, perfect student as he is, is a normal person. Like all of us are. I sometimes like to think that I have a bit of him in me. The “me” that smiles whenever I am happy. The “me” who is not afraid to take showers anywhere where there is water. The “me” who is not afraid to learn new things even if it meant I had to fail. I like to think I am someone who is not afraid to ask questions, however silly they may seem for others.

One other person, is Chattur. I see myself in him too. The kind of person who, for lack of a better term, is someone I’d call “by the book”. Someone who only does what he is told. Not willing to go the extra mile. He gets to the destination, but just stays there.

I see myself in all of them.
I have my passions, but I’d be brave enough to tell you that I am not going after them now.
Someday, I might. I hope so.
I am afraid. I fear constant failure. I know this shouldn’t be the case and so I’m learning. I am a work in progress.
I pretend. I am afraid of what might be in store for me when I go after what I want so I pretend I don’t want to.

The film has greatly inspired how I view life and school, nowadays.
I as I said, I am a work in progress. My grades are not above average. Mostly even barely passing.
But I know someday, success will chase me.


FILM: 3 Idiots

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