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He doesn’t judge you.

He welcomes you like any other kid

He doesn’t treat you like the others do.

He knows you and loves you for you.

He gets it when you tell him jokes

You and him could go places just

playing chess.

He would gladly give up his life for you

to fulfill your destiny.

He is that friend you know would never leave.

And though you and him have fights

and he leaves you once or twice after,

he comes back every time

knowing full well you won’t survive without him.

He values you and you value him;

because you and he share a lot in common.

You spend Christmas with him

and together you’d be happy.

He is that friend you know would always

make you laugh and be there.

The one you can count on.

When all the brighter days have gone.

He’d rescue you when you have bars on your window

and he’d shield you from a madman

even when he can  no longer stand!

A noble friend, he is.

The friend one must always cherish.

Never judging, always understanding

but most importantly, loyal.

And when in the second task,

you find him and your other friend trapped

and underwater,

You rescue him because:

He is what matters to you most.

Your loyal friend, and always

Your most trusted companion.


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