The Brain Works Better on an Empty Stomach?

I have been trying to find the Sherlock Holmes’s book with the title’s quote. Nada.
It’s a Saturday! And I am busy! Today’s the last day of a two-day training seminar for a  certification on bookkeeping. And I am psyched! Before going to the review center, me and my father went to the store so I could buy food for the day. Unbeknownst to him, I did not eat breakfast, I only had two hours of sleep too!
Back to the main topic.
I am totally impartial to this. There are times when I do not like eating because I am having so much fun exercising my brain! Say for example, when I was in high school, I do not eat hours before an exam (that means no breakfast!). But when I reached college, I eat during class. When I watch highly brain-stimulating movies, I discard my food. When I read mystery novels, my food is abandoned at the side. Even more when I am solving problems and having fun with my book on sudoku.
A series I have taken a liking to, Scorpion, has its own term for the state of forgetting meals when engrossed with challenging and mentally stimulating activity – the rabbit hole.
Today, a busy day ahead since I’d be attending a training seminar until 4 in the afternoon, I fully expect these snacks to be discarded. Haha!

Pitiful snacks.

Too much for a very mundane Saturday.

This day is guaranteed to be one heck of a mental ride!

Now, as I wait for our professor to arrive, I might as well take a bite.

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