FOR THE YOUTH (All of us, really)


It’s not that YOU do not entirely care about the current situation. The fact is, YOU aren’t aware of it. Why? Because YOU are not made aware of it! Yes, news and progandas are spread  but they don’t reach the ‘right’ masses. The main reason for this is because YOU are distracted by ‘sugarcoated diversions’ to keep YOU from knowing the awful truth and reality.

 Society is dying, our culture is fading.

So maybe the next time YOU choose to change the channel, LISTEN and take a moment to see the world for what it is – today.

Maybe you don’t know. Or maybe you’re just busy living your own life, but the truth stays. ‘IT’ is happening. People get killed everyday. Hundreds of children starve by the minute. Racism is not entirely gone. Biases still exist.
We are still lightyears away from our ‘utopia’. So unless all – all of us – stand and deliver, we will always, always, only be desperate for a change we know will never come.

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