Thanks, truly.

It feels nice to be appreciated by people who know very little about you – just the things you show and tell. Though the relationship is digital, separated by a screen, the praise resounds and I am glad. It feels good when someone understands you, apart from your peers and when you can freely converse with strangers about topics you thought you could only write about.

The world has a funny way of letting you meet people. 

Your friends don’t get the other side of you, but complete strangers do.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, truly.

  1. The writer/reader relationship here is the one thing I really didn’t expect. I thought I was going to be able to content myself with just throwing words onto the screen for my own benefit but now I realize I write for myself, for others, and I count on that feedback for more enthusiasm to continue.

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    1. That’s true. I thought so too. That maybe I would be happy letting all out of my system. But seeing as others appreciated it in ways I didn’t expect, I kinda had the guts to share and write more. Haha. I guess I’m a narcissist too.

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