What must a 'FRIEND' do?

If at first you don’t succeed,

try reading the instructions.

It was what he said,

and yet now a month in

and the words never did sink in.
The master doubts her ability

to unload tasks and responsibilities.

The other girl unknowing of the late

night phone calls she makes to

ease the burden.

But there is no easy way to

break a person’s heart.

There is no easy way to drop

the bomb.

The seemingly naive girl

is dumb in the master’s eyes.

Because there is no other alternative…
A friend does not know what to do.

To tell the truth or


A friend is struggling with the moral implications.

To be real and say what’s practical?

or lie and be liable?

The other side of the world is harsh.

That is a fact.

So one must learn to not only

adapt, but REACT.

Be active and UNDERSTAND the procedure

Because dear reader, foolishness might not be forever

But stupidity has no cure.

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